So, dear friend, this will be my first entry for you.

As you are a newbie to the kitchen and asked so many questions, I thought I might share you my tips and tricks and easiest recipes to bring you into the kitchen, in front of the stove and away from canteen and microwave food. *lol And admit it, you asked for it. Nearly begged for it. BAZINGA!

Ok, yes, in regards to the microwave thing I admit, the microwave mug apple cake is absolutely delicious and worth every microwaved minute …

So, here it goes, the first entry:


Healthy, crunchy, crisp little balls of fur – no wait, sorry, wrong story … – balls full of flavour and vitamins!

How to buy: Always check the apples for damages or they won’t store well. So, any that look damaged or have weird blotches – don’t buy.

Apples which look yellow-ish whilst their brothers and sisters are a bit more on the greener side, are most probably more floury and not so juicy anymore, so go for the fresher ones.

If you want a reliable cooking and eating apple go for Braeburn. They store very well and are brilliant to eat when fresh and brilliant to cook when older and more floury.

Don’t go for fancy trend varieties or only apples that look shiny and extra pink. Those are just a fashion thing, unfortunately mostly without good taste.

How to store: at home, take the apples out of the plastic and store somewhere cool and open. An open basket is nice or a flat bowl.

Don’t store fruits together in a bowl!

Apples produce ethylene, which is a ripening gas and adding other fruit to the basket will result in very quick ripening of e.g. bananas.

Many other fruits also are sprayed with chemicals, like mandarins etc for keeping them longlasting, shiny and pest free. Putting them skin on skin with apples or other fruit, which is eaten with the skin, will spread the chemicals which should not be eaten.

Always handle apples carefully so not to damage them, and you could have them for weeks in the kitchen without them moulding or rotting. Check once a week carefully, if any of them is damaged and sort this out.

But don’t throw it away!

Lightly damaged apples can still be used for cooking and eating. Just generously cut out the damaged bit and you’re good to go … you could take it as a reason to have a delicious mug apple cake with vanilla sauce …

If you haven’t used up the apples and want to get rid of them by NOT throwing them away, just cook a lovely apple sauce from it:

Peel, remove the center and cut out any damaged bit.

Cut into 3cm dices, put in a pot with lid with some tree bark …. (stopped laughing?) …. like cinnamon (1 stick is enough – or go and get yourself the ground one but please, don’t inhale it too much, you’re already sheldony enough), add maybe some anis seed or cardamom and let it very, very gently cook without stirring! until the apples have gone all mushy and squishy and lovely and naturally sweet.

Let cool and eat it with whatever you want 😀

Good night and see you soon, yours Davina