Oh, look, she’s still alive *chuckle

And how alive I am!

I know, it was a long time since my last post, but as I am finding my way into my new life in Scotland, I find time is running away more and more. For quite some time now my days feel the shortest ever.

Well, I am still struggling with my work as it’s not really the job which makes me happy, but I earn money.

Which I then spend mostly in a garden centre.

And gardening is the thing which makes me most happy and which I enjoy the most. (Wow. So many „mosts!)

My tulips, snowdrops and other bulbs I planted in October are already showing and growing. The day before yesterday I had my very first harvest – some winter purslane – and although I thought the dreadful anything-else-than-mild Scottish winter killed off my spinach and salad plants (snow crushed the cloche which crushed the plants with snow on top), even those are happily growing on!

I have found my love for pines and conifers (unfortunately, as one can’t eat them) and I am terribly addicted to herbs.

Anyhow, one thing about the winter here: if anyone ever tells me again that Scottish winters are mild … I’ll punch him. I’ll really do! *lol

Here in my little beautiful town with the best bakery in Scotland and the most beautiful park, I had -10 to -11 degrees. Not only a day resp. a night or so, but for quite some time. And that in the central belt!

One week, we had around 40cm snow – from Tuesday to Friday – which caused me having to stay at home as I’d have never made it to work!

I went away from Germany, happy to never have such a winter again … well … … …. … …….!! 😀

Anyhow, I have to experiment with the garden, have too less contact to Scots and far too much to foreigners like myself, have a great neighbourhood and the most cutest village around me and the best landscape in the world.

I did the right thing, I’d say.

(Please imagine the biggest and widest smile-grin-laugh now, with sparkling eyes *rofl)

Yours Davina