Hot salt lemon noodles

I was home late today, because I -again- had to do some overtime.

So, why not have noodles with homemade pesto, with herbs from my garden?

I started preparing my salted lemon by cutting it in fine stripes and removed the kernels and grated some 50g parmesan.

There was just one wee problem: Within just two days my wonderful pesto had molded!

So, what the heck should I do with the prepared stuff?

I searched my fridge for some stuff, but only found some leftover sour cream and other things which I did not want to use with my lovely noodles.

Wait, soured cream?


I just had a great noodle dish, worthy a restaurant 😀

150g tagliatelle
50g parmesan, grated
Fresh chili to taste
1 salted lemon, finely sliced
Freshly cracked black pepper
2 tbs soured cream
Approx. 1 cup noodle cooking water

Cook the noodles, drain but throw back into the pot as quickly as you can. The more water is in the pot, the better.

Add all ingredients excluding the water and mix. Add as much water as needed until you have a nice little sauce.

If wished, sprinkle some parmesan over, and just enjoy!

Yours Davina 😀

Gas hob, apples and people

Elcho Castle

Well, I’m half a year now here in Scotland. Unbelievable, how fast time flew by!

I tried to befriend with my gas hob here, but to be honest it’s more a thing of „I need you, so I live with you – but there’s nothing else between us“.

It was said that a gas hob is easy to clean. I must disagree with that. It takes me far longer to clean that thing than it took me to clean my beloved ceran hob. Also, with the latter it was easy even cleaning during cooking, which is impossble to do so with an open flame and the frames on top of the gas hob.

Yes, I admit it might be just the hob itself. It’s the cheapest there is on the market so far, and as the other indesit ceran hob back in the first flat, it can just hot hot hot or cold. Nothing inbetween.

For example I cooked rice. Usually I let it bubble away softly until the water got soaked up and the rice is lovely soft yet still with a “ bite“. In this case, with this gas hob, it was cooking like mad although on the lowest position of the knob possible, and the result was a pot bottom with sticky, half burned and mashy rice on top. Nasty little hob.

The more I cook with that thing the more I miss my good old ceran hob back in Germany.

One day, I’ll be having a proper working hob again, I’m very, very certain of that. I do better not start talking about the gas oven …

Well, having talked about my hob I had the most lovely of an apple compote ever. Having been at castles with lovely gardens and great produce, I brought home the best fresh, juiciest and organic apples. Cooked without anything than just themselves it produced a great, sumptuous and most delicious apple sauce (despite cooking away like mad)(Nasty little gas hob).

What a luck I had been at the right place at the right time!

And best is, I don’t have to share 😀

As I am working in a huge office with lots of people I had no other choice than to see eating behaviours, and I quite suffer from that. What is done to food is just cruel. Additionally, there’re again those who say they can cook, love and enjoy food – but barely cook with fresh produce. And what they bring to work in microwave pots not seldom looks like the content of a cat food tin or even worse, what’s in the burgundy wheelie bin after a hot day.

The show My Kitchen Rules UK has begun here now and as I’m watching it I can’t stop getting angry over people. Mostly, there’re great cooks and real foodies on that show, who know about good stuff. But each week they seem to have this one couple, who think they are so great and who have sooo much knowledge about food, but what they serve can barely be called a meal. To top this, those people have many, many dislikes of food as well.
Sorry, but when I don’t like fish, fruits, sweet and sour or salt and sugar I should stay away from a competition, which is searching for newcomers in the restaurant scene!

This also reminds me of the people with whom I talk:

Wanna cook together?
Yeah, sure.
Do you have any dislikes?
Nah, I eat everything.
Oh, cool, how about a ramen soup with mushrooms and some seaweed?
*disgusted look*
Ok, what about some couscous with raisins and salted lemons and Ras el Hanout?
*getting green around the nose*
Well, what’s with pizza then?
Oh, yeah, that’s great!
Ah, shall we do one with smoked mozzarella, rocket and grilled aubergine?
*walks away, head shaking*

That’s what I mean. It wouldn’t be the soup which makes them walk away, it’s more the mushrooms and the seaweed. It’s the raisins in a salty dish and lemons which are salted which should be sweet … well, or sour.

And not to speak of some greens on a pizza!

Btw, that pizza is served in Largs at Nardini’s. Worth every! penny.

So, I listen. Keep my opinion to myself and just walk away as I just can’t bear foodstuff maltreated.

That’s it so far from me in Scotland.

Lots of hugs, Davina