Stay strong – keep going

Well, the days grow already shorter and time is only flying by. I can’t believe it’s already August, approaching the middle of it.

And I can hardly cope with everything what has happened. My mind just can’t grasp what’s happening and what has happened.

I was writing for weeks now, and deleted everything. And began anew. And deleted it again.

I’d have such a massive story to tell! The outcome so far couldn’t be any better, but the way to this point was just horrible.

The German one, from which I had rented the flat in a tower in the middle of the central belt with lots of nasty people and lots of police everyday, betrayed me of my money and room in the flat.

We had an agreement, on how much the rent is going to be and how the flat was to be used.

The flat was a two bedroom council flat. She said, I can choose to whether use one bedroom and pay „just“ £300 or use the second bedroom as well and pay £375. I’d chosen the one bedroom option – without having seen the flat (back on New Year’s eve).

Well, the one bedroom was that small that my 1.40m bed just fitted in, but there was absolutely no room left for a wardrobe or anything else like that.

The German, let’s call her Babette, said, it’s quiet there (sure, in a tower on the 13th floor!). She said, it’s warm. She said, she just needs £10 per week of electricity.

She said many things more, made promises and stuff. That was all on the one phone call we had, before I moved to Scotland.

And all was just a big lie. There were quite a few issues more which were just nasty, but if I would write them all down I’d have to delete it again … and start anew.

I should’ve listened to my guts that very day of that first call, back on New Year’s eve resp, Hogmanay as the Scots call it. Everything in me was screaming „NO!!!“, but I looked at it as a good chance. And I decided to trust someone again. After several years of not-trusting anyone.

Exactly after two month being in that flat and coping with that dirty, draughty and not at all well maintained and oh-so-quiet flat, I found out that Babette wasn’t paying the full rent to the council! It was a lucky coincidence I found that out. Also, I found out that the rent for the whole(!) flat is just £250!!! Remember? She made me pay £300 and wanted even more!

So, without being allowed to use the second, quite bigger bedroom, I was definitely overpaying AND she did not pay all the rent to the council!

I took my time to react, nearly two weeks, of thinking what to do – and calming down. I already had begun to search for something new.

You can imagine things got nasty, as people who are doing something wrong and being discovered, always go mad.

It was a terrible time.

At one day, I got very lucky and found the perfect spot for me, in a village which is one of the loveliest I know so far.

And here I am now. Moved into a little house with one bedroom exactly two weeks ago. It has a back garden which is bigger than the whole house and a front garden which is just slightly smaller than the whole house.

I was at Ikea shopping, and saved nearly €100 (really, in Germany I’d have to pay for exactly the same stuff nearly 100€ MORE). I was shopping plants and will be having a container garden, and what you see on the pic is just the beginning.

The bench came with the house, as well as a concrete garden shed which serves as a storage room at the moment, until all the bins are empty and I can throw broken stuff away.

The move to here I had to do „alone“, as thanks to that … … … Babette I had to move in the middle of the week and with very, very short notice.

I had to hire a moving company and had to do quite some work by myself, to keep the cost down.

But, I am here now. In my own, snug little house, with two entrances and gardens, lovely and quiet neighbours and the loveliest weather now for three days.

I only have 40 minutes to the sea now, it’s rural and quiet here, but with lots of amenities and I just have to go around the corner to see „mountains“, green meadows, sheep and cows and stunning views. And yesterday, coming back from the sea (I’m off at the moment for a lovely wee holiday) I was feeling like properly coming home when I saw the boarders of my little village.

I have the strange feeling, that this might finally be the start of my life here.

At least I hope it is.

Yours Davina

PS: I don’t have a computer at home, so it’s just writing on a mobile … and that’s awkward 😉 So sorry for the thing with the pic 😀