Here I am! Finally!

In Scotland.

And still, it´s so very, very unbelievable.

I´m in my 6th week now, and haven´t had any time to take a deep breath.

Wait, really?


I was out and about more than I ever was in Germany. I was climbing up the Devil´s Staircase and climbing down (well, yes, ok, walking down) Glen Coe.

I was shopping a lot, and would have never, ever expected, that I would find ANY outdoor clothes in my size. But again, I was given a big surprise.

Not only that I found lots of cool clothes for me, no – they have been a bargain altogether!

I love my life here. My kind of diet is far cheaper than it was in Germany. As I mostly live vegetarian, I always had to pay a fortune in Germany for that diet. Here … often, very often I laugh out of disbelief and astonishment, about the prices.

You know, Alpro is really expensive in Germany. Here, most of the stuff doesn´t even cost the half!

And the range of stuff is quite extraordinary as well. Back in Germany I had about 4 or 5 items of Quorn for example. But here … they have it everywhere in stock and not only in the cooling section, also in the freezers!!!

It´s so amazing, and I just love it.

When I go shopping here I can buy as much as I bought in Germany but only pay half or sometimes a third of what I paid back “home”.

The weather has been gorgeous all the time, but I pretty much think it´s a definition thing. As long as it´s not raining it´s great 🙂

Oh, that´s not 100% true, but what´s true though is, that I really had about 3 or 4 days out of nearly 6 weeks which have been grey and wet. Other than that there´s lots of sunshine, lots of plushy-whitey-lovely clouds and since Sunday we have every day clear blue sky with nearly no clouds at all.

And believe me, that´s not just at the place I live, as half of the time I weren´t there. Had to explore the area.

Like Largs, for example.

OH MY GOSH, it´s so beautiful there!!! And I found a gorgeous, affordable Italian. And believe me, as an Italian food lover, I can honestly say I have never ever eaten that good!

Strange … have to go to Scotland first to find me a proper Italian restaurant 🙂

The food in restaurants here is quite good, the coffee bars are good as well and it´s just at one place that the food wasn´t that good. Well, not good at all. Spent the whole evening in company with my toilet bowl after having eaten there :-/

To be honest, I never ever understood people complaining about food in Scotland. I never really ate anything bad. And after having been here for 6 weeks and having eaten out a lot, I´m getting a little angry with those people.

It´d be really great if they would step back a bit, “reflect” their very own likes and dislikes and shut up (no, I´m not sorry for that) and would at least say “Ok, I admit, I didn´t like the food, because of my own dislikes.” Only wish, more people would do that.

On the other hand, when people telling such rubbish, less tourists come to Scotland and it´s more quiet here? *lololololololol*

Everyone who followed my blog for a while (thanks to all my followers :-* ) know that I love good food, so being in a restaurant is not something I take uncritically. Even more I was surprised of how good the food can be here.

Especially, of course, in my own little kitchen 😀

Ok, yes, I have to make a confession: I´m guilty. I´m guilty of laziness. I´m guilty of time shortage. I´m guilty of buying convenience food. And no, I don´t regret it at all *beam*

Especially as a single it´s so great living here! You go shopping, can buy small portions of food and don´t have to throw things away anymore.

Yes, it´s not good everything´s packed in plastic, that I admit.

But I can choose between throwing away beverages or plastic, and at the moment I rather throw away latter.

I could write on and on about the benefits, but I guess some of you ask yourselves “Hey, haven´t there been any bad things?”.

Oh yes. There have. Believe me, there have.

I came to here, that was all ok. Well, more or less. (but more because of the companion I took with me ….)

The move was very good. No incidents.

Being here finally was ok ass well.

But, it took me ages to get a bank account, a letter that proved I´m actually living here, and some other bureaucratically stuff. But nevertheless, everything wasn´t that bad. What´s amazing is, that the Scots have been lovely all the time. There was never any bad word from them.

What really was nasty though, was that I scalded myself very, very badly. On April 6th my coffee filter meant to fall over (still don´t know why it thought it had to do that) and I got my left foot very, very badly scalded (scalding degree 2 resp. 2a).

I made my first contact with A&E (ER in the U.S.), and had to go there 4 times for putting on a new dressing. I was on paracetamol a long time, and was in pain for nearly 14 days.

At least, it took me just 14 days to get new skin, whereas the body itself takes 7 years to renew? Wasn´t there something like that? 😀

Oh yes, I didn´t lose my spirit at all.

The flat I´m living in is not what it was supposed to be. Again, it´s this thing about how someone experiences something.

The flat is “loud” – I can here my neighbours below fighting, singing and the kids playing. And that still at inhuman times, like half past twelve at night. Unfortunately, that´s not just a one time event.

The flat is dusty, as the windows aren´t tight and when the wind is blowing it presses itself through the dried out silicon seals. Also, and that´s most annoying, the flat is full with ventilation slots! What for? Then, there´s this terrible loud and defect fan in the bathroom. It´s working all day long, 24/7! It´s swooshing and whooshing is just nerve-racking.

And it´s f*** cold in the bathroom! Taking a shower is awkward and I now tape some garden fleece over it, so that I can take at least a bit of a warm shower.

Oh yes, the shower! That´s a pretty nasty thing, too. There´s nearly no water pressure, as a German is used to, and washing the hair or actually taking a shower takes ages. The water pressure isn´t even enough to wash away hair sticking on the wet skin. Just saying …

See, there are some things which are annoying or not so good, but there´s nothing I couldn´t cope with.

And that´s enough now, I´m hungry and need to eat something 😀

Also, it´s very mean of some of my neighbours to have a BBQ without me *lol

It´s a lovely day, it´s warm and I have the windows open, and the smell of a good proper BBQ floats around the flat. I guess I have to close the windows …. that´s very, very unfair *lol

Yours Davina :-*