The first thing striking my mind at hearing the word “companion”, brings up pictures which make me smile and lifts my heart a wee bit, is Dr Who. The second and third and fourth … well, you know … things pop up are my kittens. My new bridge camera. My bag with a Scotland print on it, bought 5 years ago at Stirling castle … or just the simple things like my glasses or my purse.

Daily companions I can call them all.

My best friends though, they are companions for life. Having been heavily reduced by several events in my life I now stick with three of them. Real best friends, always there, always understanding and nearly always very honest. Sometimes a bit too honest, to be honest 😉 🙂

Having had a very, let me say it friendly, adventures life, I had lots of companions.

There was Harry Potter at a time when my life was at one of its deepest points. Harry kept my spirits up and alive, helped me through sleepless nights and distracted me of my really gruesome boss. At the same time I was given a snow globe for Christmas, with a lovely melody and a mother unicorn with its foal in it. At the base there is a castle and some more unicorns, a big forest, waterfalls … you know, all that romantic stuff. I saw the movie “The 10th Kingdom” for the first time. It´s a long time ago, I was in my very early twenties at that time, but when I think of these things, looking at the snow globe today, they are like friends to me and I´m thankful I had them.

So my whole life was. I always stuck to materialistic things (but luckily I´m no materialist) and animals which helped me and have been my companions, as my mother saw into it that I lost my friends and was alone most of the time as a young girl and teenager/twen. That´s where you start looking for other possibilities where you get comforting from.

I grew up with Americans as the US Army was based in the town where I lived. There was a man – Mike was his name – who I always wanted to be my Dad. Later, when I grew older I always wished to find a man like him, as he was one of the warmest, friendliest and happiest persons I ever knew. Well, and the hottest 😉 *lol*. When I was 11 years old, he gave me a freshly printed one Dollar note. And guess what? It was my steady companion since then. Recently I gave it to someone who needs a little bit cheering up, who needs this kind of Mary Poppins feeling, and he´s honouring this little, worn out sheet of paper like I did. I always carried it around in my purse, since I was 16. Before that, it was my bookmark, or it was pinned at my pin board. One time I would even put it into a picture frame besides my fav pics of some people and animals … Even now, as I´m writing this, I am smiling, as it´s a nice little, very intimate thing that was with me for 28 years. (Ouch! Am I old!!!)

Another story of a real companion is the one of Pinky. No, I don´t mean the little finger. When I was just 9 years old I was given a plush racoon for Christmas. I named him Pinky, as I had a book about a little racoon called that very name at that time. Pinky was my companion ever since. I can tell you, that if he could talk, I´d have to kill him! *lol* He is my dearest plush toy, and the one surviving all my removals, relationships and hard as well as good times. The tears he got soaked in when I grew up could most probably create a new ocean. The secrets I told him, all the stories he adventured with me … We had a great time together. Well, nowadays he´s sitting on top of a shelf in my bed room and I´ll never ever give him away, that´s for sure.

Anyway, I think, that what stays with you and makes a positive imprint in your heart, soul and thoughts, can be a companion. And it´s not important if it´s animals, people or things. It´s just important that you feel good with it and that they can make you feel good, lift your spirits and give you an inner warmth you won´t forget.

Yours Davina